Zinpro® Premolac® Zn

Zinpro Premolac Zn is a colostrum replacer/supplement with added zinc (Zn) and is proven effective to support immune health. This product is intended to deliver the vital antibodies to the newborn calf within the first 2-24 hours of life, reducing morbidity and mortality and assisting in the animal’s longevity and overall wellbeing. The added Zn in Zinpro Premolac Zn helps further jump-start the calf’s immune system.

Zinpro Premolac Zn provides 150 grams of immunoglobulin G (IgG) per dose, which is the highest concentration of IgG per gram compared to any other colostrum replacer powder products to support immune health. Backed by research, calf raisers and dairy farmers can rest easy knowing that this colostrum replacer is safe, effective, and consistent. Zinpro Premolac Zn has been rigorously tested and contains 100% bovine colostrum from select US Grade A Dairies, is made in a human-grade facility and is guaranteed to be negative for a host of pathogens, something that cannot be guaranteed with maternal colostrum. Zinpro Premolac Zn also features a lack of casein, ensuring that the IgG is delivered quickly to the site of absorption.

Product Features and Benefits

Safe Handling and Storage