Elemend Health LLC Introduces Nutritional Supplements for Gut Health and Immune Support

Mend + Defend Nutritional Supplements Now Available on Amazon

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINN. – Aug. 5, 2020 – Elemend Health LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zinpro Corporation, today announced that it has launched Mend + Defend™, a line of premium nutritional supplements featuring trace minerals, colostrum and probiotics. Mend + Defend supplements utilize patented minerals with unique absorption and high concentrated levels of immune-supporting antibodies to help mend and defend the body for lasting wellness.

Mend + Defend Products

Combining the best of science with the building blocks of nature, Mend + Defend features six products across its three product lines First Colostrum, GutWell™ and PeforMins™.

First Colostrum

  • First Colostrum offers immune system and digestive health support. This product may help lower the incidence of diarrhea and intestinal disturbances, supports restoring a healthy gastrointestinal tract and helps to maintain the gut’s epithelial barrier. A natural source of antibodies, the product features 50% immunoglobulin G (IgG) and contains casein-free whey fractions, such as proline-rich polypeptides (6.5%) and lactoferrin (2%), captured through our PathWhey™ technology, which safely removes casein and other non-immunological components. Available in 120 count 450 mg delayed release capsules and 180 g powder bottle.


  • GutWell is an enhanced quality First Colostrum that includes Zinc PerforMins – trace minerals that utilize patented molecular technology for unique nutrient uptake, absorption and metabolism for enhanced performance. Available in 60 count 400 mg delayed release capsules.
  • GutWell Pro advances GutWell even further through the power of probiotics to provide optimum immune system and digestive health support. Available in 60 count 440 mg delayed release capsules.


  • Zinc PerforMins support gut integrity and immunity with the most bioavailable zinc on the market. Available in 120 count enteric coated tablets.
  • Multi PerforMins utilizes our patented zinc, copper and manganese, along with other important trace elements and vitamins, all of which are important for optimum health.  Available in 90 count enteric coated tablets.

“Our core business is the formulation and commercialization of performance trace minerals and bioactive ingredients with superior nutrient absorption and utilization,” said Rob Sheffer, CEO and president, Zinpro Corporation. “Our background in trace minerals and colostrum has allowed us to create a product that helps people with gut and immunity issues, including micro-nutrient deficiencies and digestive inadequacies, so they can enjoy life more fully.”

Mend + Defend products are formulated in-house and are manufactured at an FDA-registered, Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) production facility to support a transparent, trusted supply chain. The products are now available for purchase on Amazon. For more information about Mend + Defend, visit MendDefend.com or call 800-446-6150.

About Elemend Health LLC

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minn., Elemend Health LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zinpro Corporation, a family-owned, privately held company with more than 45 years of expertise in the research and development of trace minerals and bioactive ingredients. Elemend Health LLC specializes in the formulation and manufacturing of premium nutritional solutions, including Mend + Defend supplements, that alleviate ailments and correct imbalances to help people get the most from life. For more information, visit MendDefend.com.