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Story Starters

  • Sow Livability – Lower swine mortality and increase the productivity of your sow herd. Learn from our experts how Zinpro nutrition solutions can improve sow longevity and help producers market more pigs per sow per year.
  • Start Strong in the Nursery – Starting pigs off right sets them up to become strong, profitable finishers. With the right trace mineral supplementation, from Zinpro, improve the health, productivity and overall performance of nursery pigs.
  • Robust Pigs – Robust, healthy pigs have faster immune responses, better gut health, less lameness, and thrive in stressful situations. Speak with our experts to about how Zinpro Zinc helps grow robust pigs in every stage of production.
  • Finish Strong – Strong finishes are critical to the financial success of pork producers. Zinpro swine solutions help support immune function, gut health and mitigate inflammation at the start, setting pigs up for a strong finish in every stage.

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Swine Specialists
Dr. Wes Schweer, Swine Nutritionist, Technical Service
Corey Carpenter, Account Manager
Kaylee Keppy-McDonnell, Account Manager
Zach Rambo, Business Manager
Leadership Team
Rachel Meyer, Regional Marketing Manager, North America
Megan Lehman, Global Marketing Manager, Swine
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