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“Our relationship with Zinpro® is a nice fit because we both have a passion for animal agriculture through providing products and programs with integrity” ​

Ron Scott, Ph.D.
Director, Beef Technical Innovation
Purina Animal Nutrition​

Purina® relies on the repeated and reliable evidence of Zinpro® Availa® 4 to deliver an innovative program to its producers.​

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Healthier Cattle Perform at Their Best​

Improved Conception

A Productive Herd Depends on Reproductive Success

Increased Weaning Weight

Ensuring Calves Achieve a Profitable Weight is Critical

Improvement in Colostrum IgG Concentration

Colostrum Quality Matters for the Health of Your Herd

Reduced Morbidity

Better Overall Health and Immunity Means Decreased Treatment Costs

Or More Foot Rot Reduction in Pasture Cattle

Poor Hoof Health Can Be a Stumbling Block for Profits

Calculate the Value to Your Operation

Incorporating Zinpro Availa 4 into your nutrition program 365 days a year has been proven to increase the potential profitability of your operation by promoting improved health, enhanced immunity and increased weaning weights. Determine how much this could be worth to your business. Learn how we calculate this here. Calculate the benefit to your herd below.

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