Zinpro® Releases 2022 Sustainability Report Sharing Plans to Help Build a More Sustainable World for All

Zinpro released its 2022 Sustainability Report, sharing progress made through products and innovation and detailing the company’s vision for a more sustainable world for all. 

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. – March 23, 2023 – Zinpro Corporation, the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of high-performance organic trace minerals and animal nutrition solutions, released its 2022 Sustainability Report, Advancing Performance Together® for a More Sustainable World for All.  

“It’s important to recognize that while animal agriculture has in fact been advancing sustainability for thousands of years, the animal protein industry is faced with new challenges, increasing consumer demands, evolving nutritional needs and climate expectations,” said Dr. Terry Ward, Zinpro global director of sustainability. “This report demonstrates the positive impact we are making on animals, the planet and people by partnering closely with our employees, customers and key industry stakeholders.”  

In the report, Zinpro shares examples of how proven animal nutrition improved the health, wellbeing and production efficiency of not only animals, but producers’ businesses – strengthening the case for nutrition as a critical component in driving more sustainable outcomes. 

The research showed that by partnering with Zinpro to build nutrition plans with sustainability in mind, the company’s customers experienced favorable results including:   

  • Improved beef cattle reproductive efficiencies, which led to decreased methane emissions, fewer medical treatments and a decrease in greenhouse gases;
  • A decrease in poultry broiler copper excretion into the environment; 
  • Improvements in swine feed efficiency and profitability;
  • Increased shrimp survival rates, biomass and feed conversion ratios.

In addition to research findings, the report details the ways in which Zinpro continues to support the global animal agriculture industry. Safety remains fundamental to the company’s approach and is the foundation for its four sustainability pillars: environmental, economic, technical and social.  

Innovations to Grow the Sustainability of Customers’ Businesses 

According to the report, Zinpro launched several innovative products and tools in the last year to better serve customers’ animals and businesses, including:  

  • Zinpro® IsoFerm®, a one-of-a-kind product for dairy cows that provides game-changing advancements in dairy farm efficiency and profitability, driving operational and environmental sustainability
  • Zinpro Beef Calculator, a tool that helps ranchers calculate the potential profitability, improved health, enhanced immunity and increased weaning weights by feeding Zinpro products 
  • Zinpro Global Poultry Mineral Guide, the first-of-its kind guide that allows poultry nutritionists to formulate customized diets to achieve specific sustainability goals and meet the modern mineral needs of poultry production

Prioritizing Sustainability Begins with Measurement   

“At Zinpro, we recognize the need for continuous evaluation and measurement as part of our work,” said Dr. Ward. “To help us prioritize and effectively chart a course for our future sustainability progress, we developed a materiality matrix.” 

Zinpro worked with a third-party firm on its materiality matrix, which will help identify the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues of critical importance to stakeholders and to the business. The top three areas of focus include: 

  1. Product quality, safety and compliance
  2. Animal health and welfare
  3. Supply chain management and labor conditions

Visit our sustainability website and download the report to learn more about how Zinpro plans to partner with employees, customers and key stakeholders to Advance Performance Together.