Zinpro Corporation Publishes 2019 Sustainability Report – Better Nutrition for a Better World

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINN., JAN. 27, 2020 – Zinpro Corporation, the industry leader in performance trace mineral nutrition for livestock, poultry, aquaculture and companion animals, today published its 2019 Sustainability Report. The report, themed “Better Nutrition, Better World,” highlights the company’s 2019 sustainability initiatives across five categories: environmental, technical, economic, safety and social.

The 2019 Zinpro Sustainability Report features a key customer success story as well as narratives and metrics describing significant contributions the company has made towards becoming a more sustainable organization, such as finding new ways to improve animal nutrition to create a better world. Select highlights from the report include:

Economic – Studies show that increased feed efficiency, such as producing the same amount of milk with less feed intake, can decrease the amount of manure produced, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Dairy farm survey results showed that improving feed efficiency by just .06 pounds energy corrected milk per pound dry matter intake resulted in nearly one ton less manure produced per cow per year.

Environmental – In 2019, the company shipped almost 70 times more domestic truckloads of outbound freight via rail than in 2018. Today, 20% of the company’s domestic outbound freight is shipped via rail compared to less than 1% by rail in 2018. This change is more sustainable, efficient and safe.

Safety – Throughout 2019, the company added new safety programs and strengthened others, resulting in 25% fewer high-risk injuries and illness, and over 200 less lost work days.

Social – Each year the company works to improve lives and contribute positively to society through the company’s research funding, charitable contributions, community service and educational activities. Employees, together with matching funds from the company, have raised more than $100,000 for People Reaching Out to People (PROP), since 2013.

Technical – Zinpro achieved a major research milestone in 2019 when the company reached 250 peer-reviewed research publications. The company has more peer-reviewed research than any other trace mineral company. Publishing peer-reviewed research fits the company’s philosophy to help lead the industries it serves with knowledge to improve animal wellness and performance.

“At Zinpro Corporation, we continually strive to achieve greater sustainability. In 2019 we made significant contributions towards becoming a more sustainable organization, finding new ways to improve nutrition to create a better world,” said Rob Sheffer, president and CEO, Zinpro Corporation. “By improving the lives of animals, we improve the lives of the people who care for them. By providing better nutrition, we are creating a better world.”

You can learn more about the company’s sustainability efforts and read the full report by visiting zinpro.com/about-us/sustainability.

Zinpro is committed to delivering the people, products and educational tools needed to help customers improve animal performance and wellness and the profitability of their operations. To learn more about who we are and what we do, visit: zinpro.com/about-us.