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We designed this digital media resource kit with you in mind. We hope you find the assets below helpful as you develop and customize your content. Please also contact a member of our Public Relations team if you have questions.

We are happy to schedule an exclusive interview for you with our dairy nutrition experts to showcase how Zinpro® helps transform animal health and productivity.

Story Starters

  • Leading Nutrition – Backed by more than 50 years of research and industry expertise, Zinpro leads in the dairy nutrition space. Learn from our experts how proven nutrition solutions equip producers to reach higher levels of performance and profitability.
  • Unlock Performance – Unlock dairy herd performance with improved skin and hoof integrity, feed efficiency and fertility. Speak with our experts about how Zinpro Availa® Dairy helps drive herd productivity and wellbeing.
  • Breakthrough Innovation – Advance nature, improve sustainability and drive production all while allowing dairy cows to become better cows. Zinpro has the game-changing advancement that fuels the rumen for optimized performance.
  • Do More with Less – Lead the change in operational sustainability with Zinpro. Produce more milk with fewer cows, increase energy corrected milk and reduce dry matter intake to promote on-farm sustainability while driving profits.

Meet Our Team

Dairy Specialists
Eliza Ruzic
Jerry McDowell
Roger Olson
Dr. Dana Tomlinson
Dr. Daryl Kleinschmit
Dr. Jeff Weyers
Leadership Team
Rachel Meyer, Regional Marketing Manager, North America
Justin Howes, Global Marketing Manager, Ruminant
Christi Brown, New Business Development Director, Global
Caitlin Gagnon, Regional Product Marketing Manager, North America

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