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Lactating cows have a unique set of nutritional needs to support their health and productivity. Our research-proven trace minerals are specifically designed to enhance lactating cows’ diets — significantly improving performance while building a foundation for greater long-term herd health.

Turn Production Challenges Into Performance Opportunities

To help your animals achieve maximum productivity, Zinpro® Performance Minerals® promote superior feed efficiency, health and stress mitigation for greater production and overall wellbeing.

Greater Feed Efficiency

Feed Efficiency is Essential for Your Bottom Line

Striving to improve feed efficiency is fundamental to meeting your financial goals. Our minerals significantly increase feed efficiency leading to 2 lbs./hd/d greater milk production.

Less Lameness

The Hoof Health of Your Herd Matters

Lameness undermines your cows potential. Our trace minerals improve your cows’ claw integrity, reducing the incidence and severity of lameness.

Enhanced Immunity
Increases Overall

Compromised immune function in dairy cattle negatively impacts lactation.
Well balanced diets rich in the best trace minerals support a robust immune
response which improves cows’ mammary function and gut and hoof health.

Increase in Pregnancy Rate, 13 Fewer Days Open

Optimizing Reproduction Can Be Difficult

Many factors can get in the way of achieving your reproductive goals. Zinpro Performance Minerals optimize reproduction with fewer days open, increased pregnancy rates and fewer services per conception.

Lower Somatic Cell Count

Exceptional Milk Quality Starts With Proper Mammary Health

Our products strengthen the protective barriers of the mammary glands, boosting your dairy cows’ resistance to mammary infections and improving milk quality by decreasing somatic cell counts by up to 20%.

Greater Feed Efficiency Means Greater ROI

It’s no secret, profitable dairies maximize their efficiency. Cows fed Zinpro Performance Minerals often experience less disease and improved performance, seeing up to an 9% increase in feed efficiency and improving profit per cow.

Zinpro® Improves Hoof Health and Boosts Summer Production

“We used to struggle with lameness and the effects of heat stress, and nothing we tried could fix them. Some neighboring farms recommended Zinpro and we decided to give it a try. Since then, we have reduced lameness by over 65% and maintained milk production during the summer. The on-farm support has been great as well!”

Mr. Liwei Zhang
Qing’gang Dairy Farm

Introducing Zinpro® Availa® Dairy

Zinpro Corporation proudly introduces Zinpro Availa Dairy for herds seeking superior performance. When fed as part of a well-balanced diet, the trace minerals in this formulation can help improve skin and hoof integrity, feed efficiency, fertility and reduce somatic cell count.

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