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Boosting Broiler Performance

Boosting Broiler PerformanceBody weight, breast meat yield, feed conversion, immunity, and skin and paw integrity all drive broiler performance and profitability of broiler operations. University and independent research trials show the proven benefits and strong return on investment from supplementing trace minerals from Zinpro Performance Minerals® in broiler diets. Including zinc in broiler diets has been shown to impact key broiler performance factors including: breast meat yield, body weight, growth rate and foot pad quality.


Trace Mineral Benefits

Research shows that supplementing broilers with trace minerals that provide the highest biological efficacy offers numerous benefits including:

  • Decreased skin scratches and cellulitis
  • Increased breast meat yield and growth rates
  • Improved foot pad quality
  • Improved immunity


Performance Minerals for Poultry

Zinpro Performance Minerals®, when fed as part of an overall poultry nutrition program, can help build the foundation for long-term success. As the industry leader, our time-tested and proven performance minerals are the only true performance minerals on the market. As the most research-proven organic trace mineral products in the industry, Zinpro Performance Minerals deliver improved performance and greater profitability to poultry operations around the world.