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Field-Proven Nutrition Offers a Competitive Advantage to Shrimp Farms

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A high-quality diet packed with essential nutrients gives shrimp the boost needed for health and achieving high performance. Providing proven aquaculture nutrition with unrivaled mineral absorption through each production phase improves animal productivity while helping operations remain profitable and sustainable. As we continue to partner with feed producers to improve the management of their customers’ systems and the health of their animals, we see an increase in animal performance and stress tolerance. This gives our customers a bigger return on investment and a competitive edge in the market. 

Maintain Profits While Facing Costly Aquaculture Challenges Like Ingredient Variability 

Improving shrimp health will protect your profitability potential as you work through costly industry challenges. As feed ingredients fluctuate in price, availability and quality, the composition of feed formulations and therefore their quality can vary and have less consistent performance. With variability in the diet, shrimp may be receiving different amounts of nutrients at different times, hindering animal health and performance. 

As you try to maintain shrimp health and balance ingredient variability while facing pressures to offer more sustainable solutions, aquaculture systems can feel the tension – especially when disease is another risk. Once present, bacterial and viral pathogens spread rapidly and depress shrimp growth. This makes it critical to focus on what you can control: building shrimp immune systems with reliable ingredients, including essential nutrients like organic trace minerals. With strong immunity, shrimp continue growing and recovering instead of falling victim to disease. While aqua producers work to overcome production factors that can introduce disease and harm, providing proven animal nutrition with unrivaled trace mineral absorption supports immunity and enables the immune system to respond quickly.  

Increase Your Return on Investment with Consistent and Proven Nutrition

In an industry full of change and uncertainty, you can help aqua producers feel in control of the health of their shrimp by providing them a consistent nutrient package. We partnered with a shrimp customer in Mexico to evaluate the benefits of Zinpro® Performance Minerals® (ZPM). This field evaluation included testing of a ZPM package specially developed for farms dealing with important disease challenges- 80 ppm zinc, 50 ppm iron, 40 ppm manganese, 40 ppm copper, 0.4 ppm selenium and 0.4 ppm chromium, in commercial conditions. Feeding Zinpro Performance Minerals consistently has allowed them to improve producer profitability and achieve sustainable outcomes, including:  

  • 21% improved feed conversion ratio 
  • 132% increase in survival rates  
  • 146% more marketable biomass  
  • 152.6% increased return on investment  

Feeding Zinpro Performance Minerals provides shrimp with the most bio-available trace minerals available in the market, which increases animals’ nutrient absorption and utilization efficiency. This increased absorption improves productivity and decreases feed costs, a clear improvement in the sustainability of an operation. Additionally, the unrivaled mineral absorption of our products has also led to improved stress tolerance, enhanced color, longer shelf life after harvest and stronger carcasses with more zinc and selenium from Zinpro deposited in muscles and more copper and manganese from Zinpro deposited in shells. Partnering with this customer, we were able to transform shrimp productivity and increase the competitiveness of their product in the market. 

Add Value to Shrimp Production Systems with Zinpro® 

We can help you optimize your shrimp production system for optimal shrimp performance and health with our strategic insights and innovative solutions. Visit our shrimp page for more resources and management solutions.  

Zinpro aquaculture experts are ready to partner with you to make the most of your system. Contact them today to build a plan that is right for your business.