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Build a Better Nutrition Plan to Raise High-Value Shrimp

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Crustaceans require very high levels of copper, making it an essential nutrient through each production phase when raising shrimp. Meeting shrimps’ high copper requirement with a proven nutrition source increases the value of your customer’s shrimp farming system and leads to improved health, performance and marketability. 

Overcoming Market and Production Obstacles 

Maintaining shrimp performance and product marketability is critical to your customer’s success and the sustainability of shrimp industry. When shrimp do not have readily available nutrients in feed, copper included, they underperform being more susceptible and less responsive to productions stressors. 

Bacteria composition in the shrimp’s gut leads to increased disease and mortality. When the bad bacteria are minimized and the good bacteria are fed, shrimp can thrive and require less antibiotic intervention resulting in more marketable product that’s appealing to consumers. When bad bacteria are dominant, shrimp are less likely to reach market readiness. Additionally, when shrimp are copper deficient, they are more prone to softshell. Softshell weakens shrimps’ natural protection barriers against infection, resulting in an unhealthier and less desirable product. 

These issues cause decreased animal performance and ultimately lead to less profit for shrimp producers. The nutrition you provide is a key player to minimizing these issues and maximizing animal and operational profitability. 

Adjusted Copper Levels and Source Help Producers Transform the Health, Performance and Marketability of Shrimp

You and your customers can be confident crustaceans will produce a higher-value product from this investment when feeding proven shrimp nutrition with unrivaled mineral absorption. When you include the recommended dietary levels and source of copper, you equip shrimp to achieve optimal health, performance and marketability. 

  • Health: Feeding the optimal level and source of Cu modulates gut bacteria. This improves immunity by reducing mortality-causing bacteria. 
  • Performance: Copper improves immunity resulting in 39.5% higher weight gain, 5.5% heavier final body weight and 2.9%/day specific growth rate. 
  • Marketability: Copper reduced the occurrence of softshell resulting in a high-value end product for the producer. Shrimp with better shell integrity have more protection against infection, requiring less antibiotic intervention and resulting in a safer product for the consumer. Shrimp producers received a greater than 15% return on investment. 

Feeding 40 ppm of copper from Zinpro® Availa® Cu with unrivaled mineral absorption throughout the crustacean lifecycle puts these health, performance and market benefits within your reach. Zinpro® Performance Minerals® are absorbed into the animal’s cells making it the most effective solution for transforming shrimp productivity and allowing you play an integral role in your customer’s successes.  

Zinpro® is Your Trusted Partner in Transforming Shrimp Productivity

Implementing a copper solution with unrivaled mineral performance will help you work with customers to improve shrimp health while producing a marketable, high-value product. 

Visit our shrimp page for more resources and management solutions. Zinpro aquaculture experts are ready to partner with you to make the most of your nutrition offering. Contact them today to build a strategy that can help your business serve its customers.