​What Is The Size of Your
Lameness Problem?

Lameness can be challenging to diagnose and even more challenging to prevent, but the consequences of untreated lameness in a cattle herd can be devastating for the cattle industry.​

Step 1

Diagnosis: Lameness in cattle is a serious problem that affects animal welfare and, consequently, production. Observing the animals, collecting data, and continuously analyzing this data are essential for early detection and effective treatment.

Step 2

Facilities: After diagnosis, immediate action is vital. Maintaining clean hooves, using appropriate footbaths, and adopting freestall systems that promote well-being are essential measures to treat and prevent lameness. Investing in quality facilities is fundamental for the herd.

Step 3

Nutrition: Nutrition plays a crucial role. Minerals such as zinc, manganese, and copper are essential for hoof health. We recommend supplementing with highly bioavailable minerals, such as those offered by Zinpro, to reduce hoof injuries and improve overall well-being. A balanced
and nutrient-rich diet results in healthier animals, impacting the prevention and treatment of lameness.

Count on the Zinpro team to overcome this challenge and enhance your production performance.

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