Together We Can
Maximize Your
Nutrients and
Minimize Your Costs

Turn Your Obstacles Into Growth Opportunities

These aren’t challenges you need to face alone. We partnered with leading industry experts to bring you fresh and actionable insights. Discover more from these poultry experts:

The Importance FCR and Nitrogen Efficiency Opportunities

Dr. Michael Kidd, University of Arkansas, USA, has found limiting amino acids can help balance ingredient use and feed cost. He shares how poultry producers can balance diets with an ingredient/nutrient matrix to alleviate high feed prices and raise healthy, productive birds.

The Phosphate Opportunity

Kyle Venter, Chemuniqué, South Africa, sees record high phosphate prices as an opportunity for innovation in bird diets. The need to feed phosphate and drive down price has led to an innovative feeding strategy that Venter presents in this article.

Partnering with Zinpro to Face the Feed Formulation Dilemma

Dr. Leonardo Linares, Zinpro global technical services, understands the importance of trust and partnership from his field experience. In this article, Dr. Linares shares how he helps his customers keep moving forward while reducing the burden of poultry industry challenges.

Together We Can Maximize Your Nutrients and Minimize Your Costs

There is looming uncertainty caused by multiple production obstacles impacting the poultry industry. This requires additional attention to several areas on an operation including:

  • Feed conversion rate (FCR) improvement
  • Nitrogen retention, phosphate opportunities
  • Mineral absorption
  • Full replacement benefits
  • Sustainable practices

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