Robust Gilts: The Cornerstone of Sow Longevity and Productivity

Gilt management might be one of the most important, yet challenging part, of producing piglets. With the current genetic lines, the high production costs, and the pig sector’s mission to improve general health and wellbeing of sows, it is important to make sure the animals are healthy and robust. Optimal trace minerals, supplied in the right form, can lead to big wins, and help to produce robust gilts, the basis for a healthy and profitable herd. The extensive research done on Zinpro® Performance Minerals®, gives nutritionists an effective tool to reduce bone, hoof and leg problems and elevate reproductive performance, longevity, and lifetime performance of sows.

Zinpro’s gilts solutions are focused around three core offerings:

1. Superior Trace Minerals backed by scientifically proven research

Zinpro® Performance Minerals®

At Zinpro we believe that greater productivity, efficiency and profitability can be achieved when you produce robust, productive pigs that finish strong and are raised responsibly.

Zinpro® Availa® Sow is proven to deliver this, for example through improved reproduction, better feed efficiency and reduced antibiotic use, ultimately resulting in the weaning of heavier piglets.

2. Innovative Tools and Services

The Zinpro® Swine App will empower you to build robust gilts

Elevate swine herd management with the Zinpro® Swine App – available on iPads and Android Tablets.

Your Zinpro expert will help you conduct quality audits effortlessly, streamline herd management, and empower you to share valuable and quick reports with your producers.

Transform your producers’ operations with improved sow and gilts longevity, better claw health and optimized reproduction.

Trust in a partner that brings confidence, peace of mind, and a superior reputation.

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3. Guidance from our Experts

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