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Utilize the assets listed below to supplement any of your stories or connect with one of our Public Relations team members. We are happy to schedule an exclusive interview with our beef nutrition experts and producers to showcase how Zinpro helps beef producers transform animal health and productivity.

Story Starters

  • Proven Partner – Backed by over 50 years of research and industry expertise, Zinpro leads in the beef nutrition space. Learn from our experts how our unique partnership approach and proven nutrition solutions equip producers to reach higher levels of performance and profitability.
  • Optimized Performance from the Start – Improve performance and keep calves out of the sick pen. Speak with our experts about how Zinpro® ProFusion® helps calves perform and bounce back from weaning, shipping, receiving and vaccination stress.
  • Lifetime Performance – To truly thrive, beef cattle must receive proven trace mineral nutrition throughout all life stages. Discover how Zinpro® Availa® 4 enhances herd productivity and profitability.
  • The Feedlot Advantage – Improve feedlot performance with the 20-20-10 Zinpro advantage. With 20% fewer sick pulls, 20% reduction in mortality and 10 lbs. of added carcass weight your feedlot can achieve higher levels of profitability that only Zinpro can provide.

Meet Our Team

Beef Specialists

Dr. Chris Reinhardt,
Feedlot Nutritionist, Technical Services
Dr. Alex Thompson,
Feedlot Key Account Manager
Dr. Chris Ashworth,
Discovery Researcher, Beef

Leadership Team

Rachel Meyer,
Regional Marketing Manager, North America
Caitlin Gagnon,
Regional Product Marketing Manager, North America

What Our Customers Say

“Just like anybody else in the industry we are short on time and short on labor. The way that products like Zinpro ProFusion Drench help us is by not creating extra work. They save us time, they save us money, they save us labor and for that we are grateful”

Jeremy Martin Ph. D.
Great Plains Livestock Consulting

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