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and Performance

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Enhancing the performance of your herd is imperative for maximizing profitability. We work side-by-side with you to troubleshoot obstacles and implement proven trace mineral programs that promote better conception rates in cows, heavier weaned calves and overall health in your cattle.

Address Your Most Complex Production Challenges


Help cows regulate heat cycles, respond to synchronization, retain pregnancies and reduce calving interval by up to 16 days. 


Support calves from day one with 28% increased IgG content and save money with reduced pulls, repulls and lower treatment costs.


When calves are better equipped to face stress and immune challenges, they achieve 28 lbs. higher weaning weights.  

Hoof Health

Protect hoof health and reduce foot rot 30% for greater profitability and cow longevity.

A Proven Solution for Health

Zinpro® ProFusion® provides a multi-day supply of essential trace minerals and other nutrients lost by cattle during weaning, shipping, receiving, vaccinating and other times of stress.

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“Our relationship with Zinpro® is a nice fit because we both have a passion for animal agriculture through providing products and programs with integrity”

Ron Scott, Ph.D.
Director, Beef Technical Innovation
Purina Animal Nutrition​

Trusted by Producers

“Using Zinpro® has given our calves an amazing health boost. This has been one of the best years acclimating calves.”

Cole Sonnes
Sonne Farms of South Dakota

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