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Digital Dermatitis/Availa®Plus FAQ

Digital Dermatitis (DD) is a common infectious foot disease in dairy and beef cattle herds. The disease begins when skin integrity is compromised and, if left untreated, DD lesions can lead to severe and debilitating lameness.

Availa®Plus, when fed as part of a specific DD Formula and a well-balanced diet, has been shown to significantly decrease DD prevalence and severity in non-lactating cattle. Availa-Plus contains a combination of Availa®Zn (zinc amino acid complex), Availa®Mn (manganese amino acid complex), Availa®Cu (copper amino acid complex), COPRO® (cobalt glucoheptonate) and potassium iodide.

In the videos below, Dr. Mike Socha and Dr. Dana Tomlinson provide answers to frequently asked questions related to DD and Availa-Plus.

To read answers, click the + symbol. To view the video response, click the play button.

Digital Dermatitis (DD)

Why is it so important to prevent digital dermatitis early in an animal’s life? (Dr. Mike Socha)

Why is it important for a heifer to reach first lactation with healthy feet?

Availa-Plus/DD Formula

What are the benefits of the DD Formula and Availa-Plus? (Dr. Dana Tomlinson)

What is the makeup of trace minerals in Availa-Plus? (Dr. Mike Socha)

When is the best time to feed Availa-Plus? (Dr. Dana Tomlinson)

What are typical observations after feeding Availa-Plus to heifers?

How does feeding Availa-Plus relate to footbath needs?