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A Company Based on Research

Understanding how and why our products work is crucial in delivering top performance for today’s production and domesticated animals. In the videos below, members of our Research and Nutritional Services (RNS) team discuss the importance of the Zinpro Corporations research philosophy. and the recent Zinpro dairy research milestone's importance.

Dr. Mike Socha discusses quality's importance in research.

Dr. Mike Socha discusses Zinpro's research objectives.

Dr Terry Ward describes how Zinpro research is conducted and why peer-reviewed research is important.

Dr. Daryl Kleinschmit explains how Zinpro research plays a role in helping its customers to be profitable.

Dr. Dana Tomlinson explains the goal to advance producer knowledge and increase livestock performance with Zinpro research.

Dr. Mike Socha details the three peer-reviewed publications that stand out most in his mind.