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Support your gut. Rebuild your immunity. Restore possibility.

We believe.

A life of imbalance is a life not fully lived, and continuing your day-to-day in a state of discomfort is a problem. As scientists, problem solving is in our nature. We source and create solutions that bring balance to life and effective, efficient supplements for people struggling with gut health and gastrointestinal distress.

Driven by our own issues with weak immune systems and digestive inadequacies, we set out to develop supplements from the science we know, for the people we love. We take foundational elements from nature and create gut-mending probiotics, immune system supporting essential trace minerals, and gut-defending colostrum, then bring these solutions to people suffering with imbalances in hopes that they can get the best from nature and the most from life.

To learn more, visit MendDefend.com or download the brochure.

Zinc PerforMins

Immunity, skin, hair
and nail health

Multi PerforMins

Daily wellbeing


Daily gut health

GutWell Pro

Daily gut health

First Colostrum

Daily immunity
and gut health

First Colostrum

Daily immunity
and gut health

At our core.

We’re scientists committed to both the scientific process and to the people who rely on our products for daily living, occasional travel, and ongoing adventure. With a focus on improving bodily imbalances, we applied our expertise creating effective supplements that help real people with real gut and immunity issues, including micro-nutrient defiencies and digestive inadequacies.

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About Elemend Health LLC

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minn., Elemend Health LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zinpro Corporation, a family-owned, privately held company with more than 45 years of expertise in the research and development of trace minerals and bioactive ingredients. Elemend Health LLC specializes in the formulation and manufacture of premium nutritional solutions, including Mend + Defend supplements, that alleviate ailments and correct imbalances to help people get the most from life. For more information, visit MendDefend.com.