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Equine Nutrition App

Equine Nutrition App

The Equine Nutrition App, from Zinpro Corporation, is an educational resource designed to help horse owners, enthusiasts and stable managers to better understand and evaluate equine nutrition programs, based on scientific research. The app is available free for use on tablet and mobile devices from the App Store (search “Zinpro”). 

The Equine App provides users with the in-depth educational information and practical tools needed to help improve equine well-being, from the inside out, and from head to hoof. In addition to explaining the science behind the nutritional needs of your horse, the app describes how to read a feed tag and what to look for in your horse’s feed.


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The Equine Nutrition App includes:


The Equine App overview provides the educational basics on equine nutritional needs from water, energy, protein, vitamins and minerals – all critical to proper bodily functions.


The Equine App nutrition section provides an indepth discussion on trace minerals, water and forages and their effect on vital horse functions, including the digestive system, hoof function, immune system, breeding and growth.


The 4-Plex®EQ section provides the basics of 4-Plex-EQ, why it is beneficial to horses, and a list of frequently asked questions.

Note: 4-Plex®EQ is manufactured and sold as 4-Plex®C in the U.S. and Mexico. In all other markets, contact your representative and ask for Availa®4.

Feed Tag

The Equine App feed tag section reviews each component of a feed tag to illustrate how horse owners can better understand the nutrition provided in the feed bag.


The Equine App resources section connects to Zinpro resources such as an equine hoof poster, the Equine Hoof book, the Zinpro H2O Water Analysis program and contact information.