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Successful Replacements

Successful ReplacementsFuture herd success depends on the quality of dairy replacement heifers entering the herd. Proper trace mineral nutrition during this critical period plays a key role in important dairy replacement heifer development factors such as feed efficiency, claw integrity and immune function.


Trace Mineral Benefits

Research has proven time and again that dairy cattle require trace mineral supplementation on a daily basis. Building a more profitable herd begins with better dairy replacement heifer nutrition.

Research shows that calves and heifers benefit from being fed a well-balanced diet. Healthy animals show:

  • Increased efficiency of converting feed to gain
  • Improved skeletal and muscle growth/development
  • Decreased incidence and severity of claw lesions
  • Decreased impact of claw lesions on first-lactation performance
  • Minimized probability of developing health problems


Performance Minerals for Dairy

Zinpro Performance Minerals®, when fed as part of your overall dairy nutrition program, can help build the foundation for long-term herd health. As the industry leader, our time-tested and proven performance minerals are the only true performance minerals on the market. As the most research-proven organic trace mineral products in the industry, Zinpro Performance Minerals deliver improved health and greater profitability to dairy operations around the world.