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Dry Period Nutrition

Dry Period NutritionBeginning trace mineral supplementation in the dry and prepartum periods and continuing through lactation is critical for improving health, which can improve dairy cattle fertility, maintaining claw integrity and increasing production of dairy cows in the subsequent lactation.


Trace Mineral Benefits

Research has proven time and again that dairy cattle require trace mineral supplementation on a daily basis. A successful lactation begins with optimal dairy dry cow trace mineral nutrition.  

Numerous research studies have shown avoiding deficiencies can help improve lactation success through:

  • Improved reproductive performance
  • Minimized effect of metabolic disorders on fertility
  • Decreased somatic cell count
  • Improved claw integrity

In addition, research shows that calves born from dams supplemented withtrace minerals that have the highest biological efficacy benefit from the improvement in trace mineral status.


Performance Minerals for Dairy

Zinpro Performance Minerals®, when fed as part of your overall dairy nutrition program, can help build the foundation for long-term herd health. As the industry leader, our time-tested and proven performance minerals are the only true performance minerals on the market. As the most research-proven organic trace mineral products in the industry, Zinpro Performance Minerals deliver improved health and greater profitability to dairy operations around the world.