A Company Based on Research

Zinpro Corporation recently recorded its 50th peer-reviewed dairy publication. This is a significant milestone for our company – one we celebrate – but as a science-based company, this type of milestone is also an expectation.

Our commitment to research has been a company cornerstone since our beginning. We use research to confirm a repeatable animal response and economic return in every product that carries the Zinpro Performance Minerals® name.

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The 50th peer-reviewed dairy publication looks at how today’s animal performance may impact ration recommendations for zinc (Availa®Zn). Results from this study suggest that as genetics, nutrition and performance change over time, the standard recommendations for trace minerals (in this case, zinc) should be reevaluated periodically to ensure animals continue to reach their full potential.

A needed study

As producers strive to be more cost-efficient and also to improve performance within their herds, dietary needs may change. Dr. Jeff DeFrain, Zinpro Corporation's 50th dairy peer-reviewed publication co-author, says the study's intent was to review current zinc recommendations for high-producing cows.

Dr. Jeff DeFrain defines the 50th peer-reviewed dairy publication's objective.

Implications for zinc recommendations

To help customers reach optimal animal performance, Zinpro conducts research to ensure that current feeding recommendations produce the best possible results. Dr. Dana Tomlinson describes what the 50th dairy publication's results could mean for dietary zinc recommendations today and in the future.

Dr. Dana Tomlinson explains the 50th dairy publication's findings and potential impact on animal performance and feeding recommendations.

Economic benefits found

Producers today need to be as efficient as possible – whether it's with their herd, their pocketbook or both. Dr. Daryl Kleinschmit describes how research results could assist dairy farmers on these fronts and more.

Dr. Daryl Kleinschmit discusses improved feed efficiency, one of the key research results found in the 50th peer-reviewed dairy publication.

Positive results for dairy producers

Finding new ways to improve animal performance is an essential part of Zinpro research. Dr. Terry Ward highlights the results of the 50th study and how it is beneficial for our customers’ operational productivity.

Dr. Terry Ward highlights key findings from the 50th publication that deliver economic benefits to the producer.

When a research study is first considered, it isn't necessarily done so with the idea that the industry will be shaped or changed because of it. But sometimes a study reveals something that can’t be ignored, and it does become industry-shaping.

Zinpro Corporation recently reached a milestone in dairy research. After years of providing the industry with validated and proven research, Zinpro became the first trace mineral company to publish 50 peer-reviewed dairy publications.


Taking the industry further

Our 50 peer-reviewed publications have established a solid knowledge base on which the dairy industry can rely. We’ll continue to set the knowledge bar in the industry and ensure that new, important research is always available to producers. Dr. Dana Tomlinson discusses the goal for all Zinpro research.


Standing out in the field

While each of our 50 peer-reviewed dairy publications demonstrates the Zinpro commitment to increasing knowledge, three papers in particular stand out for Dr. Mike Socha.


Dr. Terry Ward explains the research milestone's significance.

Dr. Dana Tomlinson explains how Zinpro research helps advance producer knowledge and increase livestock performance.

Dr. Mike Socha details the three peer-reviewed publications that stand out most in his mind.


The Standouts

A few studies stand out in the eyes of Zinpro’s research team. See why they think these top the list.
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Even before our company was officially formed, research has been a fundamental part of the Zinpro Corporation business philosophy. Every Zinpro Performance Minerals® product must be proven through quality research long before it finds its way into a ration or diet. Therefore, all research studies must meet strict quality standards for experimental design and replication.

Dr. Mike Socha discusses quality's importance in research.

Clear objectives for measured results

Whether the objective is to evaluate an existing product, develop new products or just increase knowledge, research is about more than just selling Zinpro Performance Minerals®. As Dr. Mike Socha explains, it's most importantly about serving our customers.

Dr. Mike Socha discusses research objectives.

Part of our culture

Starting with Zinpro founder Dean Anderson, research has always been part of our philosophy. Dr. Terry Ward explains that after more than 45 years of business and 200-plus peer-reviewed publications across several species, research is simply part of our company culture and expected by our customers.

Dr. Terry Ward describes what research means for Zinpro and why its vital to the way it does business.