Peer-Reviewed Research

Zinpro research is validated and proven in the industry. We have more peer-reviewed research than any other trace mineral company.   Other organic trace mineral companies claim to have a research database on their products. But their research typically will not stand up as solid proof when it is examined in detail.

  • Their studies are often done on only a handful of animals, if done in the field at all.
  • Their studies are not repeated multiple times to verify results.
  • Their abstracts are offered as proof of performance.
  • Their research is often only conducted in a lab, rather than including animal efficacy studies.  

Animals don’t lie about trace mineral performance. Trust and rely on the proven science and animal efficacy research that Zinpro provides.


Zinpro Performance Minerals®

Number of Peer-reviewed Publications
Aquaculture 8 Immunity, dietary requirement
Beef 45 Immunity, reproduction, feed efficiency, feed intake, hoof health
Companion Animal 2 Immunity, dietary requirement, skin integrity, coat quality
Dairy 67 Milk production, SCC, feed efficiency, reproduction, immunity, hoof health
Equine 3 Growth and mineral balance
Poultry 58 Feed conversion, growth, egg production, bone strength, skin integrity, paw quality
Swine 40 Claw health, lameness, reproduction, immunity, growth
Sheep and Goats 15 Hoof health, immunity, wool production
General 8 Highest biological efficacy, fiber digestion, antioxidant, immunity