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Frequently Asked Questions

What are trace minerals?
What determines a Performance Mineral?
What defines an ordinary or standard mineral?
What does this mean to the industry?
How can nutritionists and producers benefit from the performance minerals classification?
Do only Zinpro products currently meet performance mineral standards?
Are Zinpro products really that different from ordinary trace mineral products?
How important is biological efficacy?
If Zinpro products are 2-3 times more biologically effective than ordinary sulfate and oxide sources, can't I use 2-3 times more of these ordinary minerals and get the same response for less money?
How do you correlate the price to the value of Zinpro products?
Once a trace mineral is approved by AAFCO, doesn't that mean it's a good product, or at least similar to a performance mineral?
According to AAFCO definitions, Zinpro has 1 amino acid, chelates have 1-3 amino acids and proteinates have 1-8 amino acids or a protein. Is there really a difference between them?