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Performance by Design

Zinpro Performance Minerals® have been shown to be the only true performance minerals on the market. Every bag - in fact each molecule - exceeds the highest industry standards for quality and delivers proven trace mineral nutrition based on sound science and integrity. Zinpro Performance Minerals are designed and manufactured to be the most highly-absorbed and utilized by the animal, resulting in a higher level of production and greater profitability. Find a product below:

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ProPath Performance Minerals

The Latest Innovation From Zinpro

ProPath Performance Minerals® are designed to deliver superior mineral uptake and absorption for optimum biological efficacy. Learn more about how ProPath supports superior animal nutrition.


Zinpro Specialty Products

Zinpro Specialty Products® Now Available

Zinpro Specialty Products® is an elite line of performance-driven nutritional essential oils, water acidifiers, vitamins and electrolytes, and supplements and probiotics designed for easy delivery through water proportioning systems to support hydration and nutrition for animal health and operational excellence. New packaging coming soon!

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Trace Minerals 101

Trace minerals provide the essential nutrients animals need for metabolic functions such as growth and development, immunity and reproduction. Learn more about the functions of various trace minerals, as well as signs of deficiency and toxicity.


Zinpro Animal Performance Minerals

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Zinpro Sales Representatives and distributors are strategically located throughout the world to meet your needs and ensure timely delivery of our products.