Our Products

Zinpro Corporation pioneered the science of organic trace minerals 45 years ago. To consistently produce our Performance Minerals, Zinpro manufactures products through a patented complexing technology that provides the most consistent and reliable animal performance in the industry. We offer three different product lines.

Our Product Lines

Original Line

Our Original Line includes products such as 4-Plex®, ZINPRO® zinc methionine, MANPRO® manganese methionine and CuPLEX® copper lysine. These products combine a known amino acid with a single metal ion to form specific chemical entities.


Availa® Line

Our Availa® Line includes products such as Availa®4, Availa®Z/M, Availa®ZMC, Availa®Sow, Availa®Zn, Availa®Mn, Availa®Cu, Availa®Plus and Availa®Fe. Like metal specific amino acid complexes, Zinpro Corporation was the first company to manufacture metal amino acid complexes for animal diets.


Eco Line

Our ECO Line features OMRI Listed products (ZINPRO®E and 4-Plex®E) specifically developed for the U.S. organic feed ingredient market.