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Zinpro Corporate Policy on Indirect Administrative Fees

Zinpro Corporation has more than a forty-five year history of supporting basic and applied research in the area of trace mineral nutrition for livestock, poultry, companion animals and aquaculture on a global basis.  As part of the commitment of Zinpro to animal agriculture to promote increased productivity and sustainability of global animal protein production, we routinely support research conducted with contract and private research organizations and universities worldwide.  As a corporate sponsor of research, we recognize that for research projects conducted in collaboration with many universities there are indirect costs associated for administration that are in addition to the actual budgeted costs of conducting the research itself; however, these charges will vary across universities.  In order to allow Zinpro Corporation to provide funding for the greatest number of projects as well as standardize the level of indirect administrative fees that will be paid, Zinpro Corporation policy for funding research projects, limits indirect costs to a maximum of 25 percent of the total amount budgeted for conduct of the research itself, exclusive of specific items for which the indirect administrative fees are not applicable, such as graduate student tuition.  This maximum limit will be standard policy for any university or other public or private research organization for which this may be applicable.