Zinpro® Step Up® Lameness Management Program for Beef Cattle

Cattle lameness affects all segments of the beef cattle industry, from cow-calf operations to transition cattle and feedlots. The demands of the industry bring lameness to the forefront for producers managing feedyard economics and their overall bottom line. Healthy cattle improve the overall return on investment for producers.

Zinpro Step Up Locomotion Scoring System

Locomotion scoring is based on the observation of cattle walking, with an emphasis on head bob and stride length. To minimize the economic loss and to improve overall animal wellbeing due to lameness, appropriate treatment and management practices should be utilized.

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Beef Cattle Claw Lesion Identification

Lameness in the feedyard impacts profitability. A common challenge for cattle producers is the ability to correctly identify the early signs of lameness and diagnose the specific lameness issue. Proper diagnosis, treatment and prevention are key to tackling foot root and toe abscesses.

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Digital Dermatitis

Digital dermatitis (DD), often referred to as hairy heel warts, is a common infectious foot disease in beef cattle. It causes painful lesions that can lead to lameness and accounts for 70 percent of all sales of non-performing cattle.

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The Cattle Lameness Book, in English and Spanish, is available on Amazon. 
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Foot Rot in Beef Cattle is a Big Issue
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Identify and Manage Lameness in Cattle 
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