Zinpro Corporation Sponsors Webcast: “An Integrated Approach to Managing Digital Dermatitis”

Eden Prairie, Minn. (Dec. 15, 2013) – A recent webcast on Dairy Herd Management’s Nutritionist e-Network addressed methods to manage digital dermatitis (also known as hairy heel warts). The free webcast, sponsored by Zinpro Corporation, featured two speakers: Dr. Dörte Döpfer, University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, and Dr. Mike Socha, Regional RNS Manager – North America, Zinpro Corporation.

Digital dermatitis is a common infectious claw lesion found in dairy operations around the globe, in all types of production environments. It produces painful lesions that can lead to lameness in dairy cattle, and it is extremely difficult to cure when lesions become chronic. An integrated approach to prevention beginning with young animals is necessary to manage the disease. To watch the full webcast (available on-demand), visit www.dairyherd.com/webinars.


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