New, Nutritional Skin-and Coat-Care Products Now Available for Dog and Livestock Owners

Zinpro Corporation unveils innovative TruCare® essential trace mineral supplement products, with convenient packaging, to help boost animal wellness and performance

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., June 21, 2018 – Excellent skin and coat care are essential to an animal’s wellbeing, and nutrition can play a key role in maintaining and improving animal haircoat and skin wellness. Pet and livestock owners now have several new nutritional product options from Zinpro Corporation to help their prized animals overcome various skin and haircoat challenges.

More specifically, dog owners can now purchase TruCare® Essentials supplement chews in 60-count (5.7 oz.) and 180-count (17.1 oz.) containers that feature flip-top, hinged lids for convenient, easy dispensing. TruCare Essentials is a highly palatable blend of essential nutrients that provide the bioavailability and absorption necessary to be metabolically used by the animal.

“Combinations of biotin, omega fatty acids and zinc have been shown to reduce the incidence of canine atopic dermatitis,” says Michael Keith, companion animal sales account manager, Zinpro Corporation. “In addition, research studies show great promise related to optimizing canine nutrition and providing solutions to chronic skin care problems, such as canine atopic dermatitis and zinc responsive dermatitis.”

TruCare Essentials trace mineral supplement chews are available either in a small container that would provide a 40-lb. dog with a one-month’s supply or a large container that would supply a 40-lb. dog a three-month’s supply. “Based on the dog’s weight, either product will provide canine owners with a convenient way to substantially improve the nutrition in their pet’s diet to help combat skin health problems due to allergies to household dust mites, pollen or other environmental irritants,” says Dana Tomlinson, Ph.D., companion animal research nutritionist, Zinpro Corporation. “Second only to flea allergies, canine atopic dermatitis is largely considered the most common skin allergy in dogs, and the most common contributor to canine ear infections, and we’ve seen great success from dog owners who offer our product to their pets to help solve skin-health issues.”

New TruCare Top-dress products

In addition to new TruCare Essentials dog supplement products, Zinpro recently made available large-size containers for its TruCare Top-dress trace mineral blend for livestock (beef and dairy cattle, deer, elk and goats), horses and multi-species animals (pigs, sheep, llamas, rabbits and poultry). These products are now being offered in both 2.2-lb (1 kg) pouches and 22.1-lb (10 kg) buckets.

TruCare Top-dress trace mineral blend products offer essential nutrition of bioavailable trace minerals for optimal metabolism. Proper nutrition is necessary for skin and coat health, bone and joint health, hoof (paw or claw) health and digestive support.

“Due to many requests from our customers, we’ve provided the new bucket size for each of our three different Top-dress products,” says Keith. “The bucket size provides a better per-day value and a more convenient package size for our larger-volume customers.”

For more information about either the TruCare Essentials dog chew or the TruCare Top-dress trace mineral blend products, contact your local animal health products distributor or email

As the industry leader in trace mineral nutrition for companion animals, livestock, poultry, swine and aquaculture, Zinpro is committed to delivering the people, products and educational tools needed to help customers improve the performance and profitability of their operations.

June 21, 2018
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