Zinpro® ProFusion®

Zinpro® ProFusion® is the market leading drench product designed to provide a multi-day supply of trace minerals and other nutrients often depleted during times of stress such as weaning, shipping, receiving, vaccination and health challenge. Zinpro ProFusion has been shown to improve calf trace mineral status within 48 hours of administration resulting in calves that spend less time in the sick pen and are more productive and profitable for the yard.

Start Calves the Right Way

When calves arrive at the yard, they are often at peak stress levels from transportation, environment acclimation, diet transition and more. This peak stress often results in low intake for the first few days leading to a loss in nutrient status and an opportunity for increased illness. Providing calves with a quality dose of trace minerals upon arrival means you can close the gap until feed intake regulates. Including Zinpro® ProFusion® Drench at receiving can have an impact on the overall health status of calves coming into the yard leading to long-term health and gain benefits.

Ensure Successful Treatments in Calves

Sick calves have to work twice as hard as healthy ones to get back to optimal production status. Being able to better respond to the treatment they receive in the sick pen means they get back to their home pen, and back to gaining, faster. To achieve that, their immune system needs a boost, one that can be received through prime trace mineral status. Incorporating Zinpro® ProFusion® Drench into sick treatment protocols has shown to reduce the number of repulls and ultimately death loss at the yard.

Proven Performance from a Team you Trust

Science has proven, trace minerals are best utilized by the animal when received in a unique form through the digestive tract. Zinpro has been leading the industry in trace mineral nutrition for more than 50 years with solutions such as Zinpro® Availa® 4 and Availa Zn. Formulated with the patented Zinpro® ProPath® technology, Zinpro ProFusion was designed to supply trace minerals to the animal when inadequate mineral consumption is a concern without the need for a script or injection.

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