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Feet First® Chute

Feet First® ChuteThe Feet First® Chute, available from Zinpro Corporation, provides a safe, stress-free way to easily lift sows and gilts to inspect and trim their feet. Swine lameness is a primary reason for lost productivity and the culling of sows and gilts from the herd. The Feet First Chute was developed to safely evaluate and treat a large quantity of animals in a short amount of time.

As the global leader in trace mineral nutrition and lameness prevention programs, Zinpro Corporation recognized the need for this chute as part of our Feet First program. The Feet First Chute is easy to use and is designed for both animal comfort and worker safety.

Low Stress

The Feet First® Chute is designed to make sows and gilts feel safe and comfortable. Once in the machine, they are remarkably calm and quiet as they are lifted.  



When the Chute is safely in position, sows and gilts will typically walk easily into the Chute. Once they are raised, it is possible to inspect feet and trim claws to help decrease claw lesions.

  • Gilt insert panels improve comfort for younger or smaller animals
  • Center support pad provides cushion for improved comfort
  • Safety lock prevents the animal from descending rapidly as it is lowered
  • Manual winch for lowering the animal (in case of power loss)

Designed with worker safety in mind, the Chute meets international safety standards.

  • Safety bars keep workers’ feet away from the bottom of the Chute
  • Top bars keep animals in place
  • Limit Switch keeps Chute from rising too high
  • Safety lock pin keeps animal in place when Chute is fully raised

Rugged, long-lasting construction makes it easy to set up, use and keep clean.

  • Durable wheels and compact design allows the Chute to easily fit through standard doorways
  • Sturdy frame allows easy lifting with a forklift, and the hoist is rated to lift up to 2000 lbs (900 kg)
  • Fewer welds mean fewer spots for bacteria to hide, which improves durability of the machine
  • Paint technology allows Chute to be power-washed so it can be easily cleaned and disinfected
  • Doors swing open or closed from either side and lock safely into place