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The Illustrated Manual for Cattle Lameness and Claw Lesions

Cattle Lameness: Identification, Prevention and Control of Claw Lesions is a Zinpro-led industry effort to assist cattle producers in improving animal wellness through the prevention of lameness.

Lameness is a clear sign that an animal is experiencing pain and discomfort. That’s why an industry-wide commitment to more effectively reduce the incidence and severity of lameness in dairy and beef cattle has been implemented to mitigate the adverse effects of lameness on cattle health. As a result, animal wellness and increased net economic return are worthwhile and achievable objectives.

Cattle Lameness continues Zinpro Corporation’s long involvement with cattle lameness prevention efforts. Zinpro originally published the Illustrated Handbook on Cattle Lameness in 1996.

The print edition of Cattle Lameness is available in English and Spanish and is offered for sale on Amazon. Currently, Amazon will only ship books to U.S. destinations. 

Experts Talk

See additional comments from Zinpro Corporation authors in this episode of Experts Talk.

How to Buy

This 80-page book contains hundreds of new photos and dozens of original illustrations and schematics to help understand how and why lameness occurs, and it explains what can be done to prevent and control lameness.

Buy the printed book on Amazon for U.S. destinations now!

Video Library

Hear from two of the lead authors about the groundbreaking nature of the Cattle Lameness book.

The book is authored by the Zinpro Corporation International Bovine Lameness Committee, which is composed of a global team of industry experts:

  • Christoph Mülling, D.V.M., Dr. med. vet. –  University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Dörte Döpfer, Dr. med. vet. M.Sc., Ph.D. – University of Wisconsin
  • Tom Edwards, D.V.M., Ph.D. –  Midwest Feedlot Services 
  • Connie Larson, Ph.D. – Zinpro Corporation
  • Dana Tomlinson, Ph.D. – Zinpro Corporation
  • Mark Branine, Ph.D. –  Zinpro Corporation

    Special note: Karl Burgi, Dairyland Hoof Care Institute, is the primary author for the hoof trimming section.

Preview Author Section from the book

Learn in great detail about the structure and function of the bovine foot. This chapter showcases key anatomical features required for understanding pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of claw lesions and diseases.

  • Primary structures of the foot
  • Pathogenesis of dislocation of the pedal bone
  • Epidermis of skin and claw
  • Vascular system
  • Collagen

Dr. Mülling is the primary author of this section, with Dr. Tomlinson acting as a primary collaborator.

Preview Anatomy Section from the book


Preventing lameness requires understanding lesions and diseases. This chapter provides an in-depth discussion on both infectious and non-infectious lesions, how to identify them and their effects on cattle. It features hundreds of photos and easy-to-understand graphics that illustrate each lesion’s relevance and implications in dairy and beef cattle.

Dr. Mülling is the primary author of the non-infectious lesion section, and Dr. Döpfer is the primary author of the infectious lesion section. Dr. Tomlinson is a primary collaborator in this section.

Preview Lesion Section from the Book

Properly balanced nutrition is key to producing quality feet and claw tissue. Learn more about the roles that water, protein, energy, minerals and vitamins play in achieving optimum hoof health in the herd.

Dr. Larson is the primary author of this chapter.

Preview Nutrition Section from the Book

Cattle Hoof Trimming

Learn how proper trimming is essential for hoof health, along with a thorough review of trimming tools, goals and common mistakes. All new illustrations detail each step for effective trimming.

Karl Burgi is the primary author for this section.

Preview Hoof and Claw Care Section from the Book