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Zinpro Corporation Reaches Significant Milestone in Dairy Research

Zinpro Corporation Reaches Significant Milestone in Dairy Research

50th Peer-Reviewed Dairy Research Publication Recorded

EDEN PRARIE, Minn., April 22, 2015 – Zinpro Corporation recently reached a significant milestone in dairy research, becoming the first trace mineral company to record 50 peer-reviewed dairy publications. The 50th publication was released in the Journal of Dairy Science and is titled “Effect of the Ratio of Zinc Amino Acid Complex to Zinc Sulfate on the Performance of Holstein Cows.”

Publishing peer-reviewed research is part of the company’s philosophy to lead the industries it serves with knowledge. This philosophy dates back to the company’s beginning with its founder, Dean Anderson, who emphasized investing in research to prove animal performance. Zinpro has supported, conducted and published peer-reviewed research for more than 40 years.

“This is a significant milestone for the company – one we celebrate – but as a science-based company, this type of milestone is also an expectation,” said Terry Ward, Ph.D., global director of Research and Nutritional Services (RNS), Zinpro Corporation. “With more than 175-plus peer-reviewed publications recorded across several species, research is part of our company history and culture. It’s who we are and it’s what we do.”

Key Findings from 50th Dairy Publication

Conducted at Iowa State University, the 50th peer-reviewed dairy publication (Nayeri, et al., 2014. J. Dairy Sci. 97:4392-4404) examined the optimal ratio of zinc amino acid complex (Availa®Zn) to zinc sulfate on the performance of lactating dairy cows fed diets containing 75 ppm of supplemental zinc.

Zinc is an essential trace mineral necessary for normal growth and health. As producers strive for greater levels of animal performance, dietary needs can also change. “Superior management and nutrition have allowed cows to become more productive,” said Jeff DeFrain, Ph.D., co-author of the study and research nutritionist at Zinpro Corporation. “We felt the need to re-evaluate our current recommendations for zinc in today’s high-producing cows.”

Research results found that replacing a greater portion of zinc sulfate with increasing levels of zinc from zinc amino acid complex (Availa-Zn) improved fertility and increased production efficiency by reducing feed intake without affecting overall milk energy output. “Results from this study suggest that as genetics, nutrition and performance change over time, standard recommendations for trace minerals (in this case, zinc) need to be re-evaluated periodically to ensure that recommended levels help animals reach their full potential,” said DeFrain. “This benefits not only the animals, but the producers as well.”

Studies That Matter

Zinpro Corporation, with its 50 peer-reviewed dairy publications, has established a solid cornerstone of knowledge on which the dairy industry can rely. The quality of Zinpro research is well-known within the industry and demonstrates the company’s commitment to consistently find ways to improve animal well-being and overall productivity. Of the 50 dairy publications, several stand out as helping to shape industry best practices where nutrition is concerned. A prime example is “Zinc Methionine Supplementation for Dairy Cows,” which was published in 1989 in the Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science.

“That peer-reviewed publication represented the first study where it was demonstrated that feeding a Zinpro product improved feet on cattle,” said Mike Socha, Ph.D., regional RNS manager – North America. “It essentially established the groundwork for understanding how Zinpro products can help improve feet in livestock.”

Every Zinpro Performance Minerals® product must be proven through quality research long before it finds its way into a ration or diet. All research studies conducted by Zinpro must meet strict quality standards. Research is used to confirm a repeatable animal response and economic return for every product. Response measures must be statistically significant, and research must be conducted by accredited, leading researchers at independent universities or independent research institutions. Experimental designs evaluate the response from the mineral source, not just the level of mineral added.

50th Publication Available Online

You can download a copy of the 50th peer-reviewed dairy publication and the 50 peer-reviewed dairy publications listing by visiting the 50th peer-reviewed page at zinpro.com. To watch interviews featuring Zinpro research team members discussing the 50th peer-reviewed dairy publication, as well as the company’s research philosophy, visit the 50th peer-reviewed video library at zinpro.com. For more information about the benefits of including Zinpro Performance Minerals in dairy cattle diets, visit the dairy species page at zinpro.com or contact your Zinpro representative.

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