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Explore Your Horse’s Feed Needs with the Zinpro Equine Nutrition App

Explore Your Horse’s Feed Needs with the Zinpro Equine Nutrition App

Tap into a new, science-based resource focused on equine nutrition management

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., Nov. 17, 2015 – Zinpro Corporation announces the launch of its Equine Nutrition App, an educational resource designed to help horse owners better understand and evaluate equine nutrition programs. The new app, for tablet and mobile devices, is available free on the App Store® and Google Play™ (search Zinpro). 

“The Zinpro Equine Nutrition App connects horse owners and stable managers with the educational information and practical tools needed to help improve equine well-being, from the inside out, and from head to hoof,” says Connie Larson, Ph.D., Research and Nutritional Services ruminant manager – North America, Zinpro Corporation. “In addition to explaining the science behind the nutritional needs of the horse, the app also describes how to read a feed tag and what to look for in your horse’s feed.” 

For optimal health and performance, a horse must receive essential nutrients, including water, energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. “Even moderate deficiencies in essential trace minerals can adversely impact immunity and enzyme function, as well as reproduction and overall performance,” says Dr. Larson. “With Zinpro Performance Minerals® in a balanced diet, animals are assured a highly available source of trace minerals to help them perform at their peak.” 

Research shows that balanced trace minerals in the daily diet can help to improve immunity, reproduction, feed digestibility, hoof condition, joints and skeleton, as well as skin and coat health. According to Dr. Larson, Zinpro Performance Minerals provide effective trace minerals that are critical to maintaining or improving hoof quality and reducing lameness. She adds that hoof integrity is critical to all types of horses – performance and pleasure. 

To learn more about equine nutrition, contact your Zinpro representative and visit the Equine Nutrition App landing page on zinpro.com. A free educational poster, as well as an educational book ($20), titled Building the Equine Hoof, are available upon request from Zinpro Corporation. To learn more about Zinpro Corporation and its nutritional solutions for improved equine performance, visit the Equine Nutrition Page.

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