Delivering Exceptional Animal Performance

For more than 40 years, Zinpro Corporation has focused exclusively on one thing: trace mineral nutrition. Zinpro Performance Minerals® are the industry’s most research-proven products, being backed by more than 170 peer-reviewed research publications.

When put to the test, Zinpro Performance Minerals have been shown to be the only true performance minerals on the market. They meet the 5-R’s Essential Performance Minerals criteria: Return, Response, Repeatability, Research and Reassurance.

Zinpro Performance Minerals are designed and manufactured to be the most highly absorbed and utilized by the animal, resulting in a higher level of production and greater profitability. Every bag – in fact each molecule – exceeds the highest industry standards for quality and delivers proven trace mineral nutrition based on sound science and integrity.

Industry-leading Zinpro Performance Minerals include: Availa®4, Availa®Sow, Availa®Zn, Availa®Mn, Availa®Cu, Availa®Fe and Availa®ZMC.

  • For dairy cattle diets, benefits of these essential trace minerals can include: improved reproduction, increased milk production, decreased somatic cell count, enhanced immune response, improved hoof integrity and improved feed efficiency.
  • For poultry broiler diets, benefits of these essential trace minerals may include: improved feed conversion, improved breast meat yield, improved foot pad quality, as well as decreased skin scratches and cellulitis.
  • For swine diets, benefits of these essential trace minerals can include: improved reproductive efficiency, improved sow longevity, improved claw integrity, increased pigs weaned per sow lifetime, heavier weaning weights and less weight loss in lactation.

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