The Adaptable Footwrap Solution

Zinpro® ADAPTARAP™ is a new footwrap that brings an innovative approach to bandaging treated hooves. The new multipolymer footwrap bandage by Zinpro® supports the resolution of hoof lesions and, as part of an overall management program, helps contribute to a reduction in lameness in the herd and the maintenance of healthy hooves.
Tips for Cold Weather Application

A small amount of water is required for Zinpro ADAPTARAP to adhere to itself. During cold temperatures, this can pose some challenges with water freezing and the wrap film becoming too cold to adhere properly. Below are some tips to improve the effectiveness:

  1.  Keep Zinpro ADAPTARAP in a pocket close to your body to maintain a higher temperature or inside a warm box (similar to how polyurethane glues are handled).
  2.  Use hot water, kept in an insulated container, to wet the tail end of the wrap.
  3.  Alternatively, apply an adhesive spray in place of water to glue the tail end of Zinpro ADAPTARAP to itself.
  4.  Use of a heat gun to warm the tail end of the wrap may also improve its ability to adhere.
  5.  The tail end of Zinpro ADAPTARAP can also be “tied off” to itself as with regular wraps.
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An Innovative Approach to an Old Challenge

Traditional footwraps often create as many problems as they solve. Zinpro ADAPTARAP was designed to effectively aid in the treatment hoof lesions while eliminating the hassle of other bandages.

Zinpro ADAPTARAP naturally dissolves, improving safety for farm staff by avoiding the need for additional animal handling. And because it is biodegradable, there is no need to worry about residues or damage to manure handling equipment.

The non-elastic properties of Zinpro ADAPTARAP significantly reduces the risk of pressure wounds often associated with fabric footwraps.

Instructions for Use

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