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Supply Chain Disclosures


Zinpro Corporation is committed to compliance with all global labor laws, health codes, environmental laws and business ethical practices related to our global operations and the materials and labor used in product manufacturing. We are equally committed to evaluate and address the potential for human trafficking and slavery in our supply chains and have asked our principal suppliers to make the same commitment.

In accordance with this commitment to compliance, Zinpro's disclosures are as follows:

1. Verification. We expect our suppliers to follow all global labor laws related to human trafficking and slavery and are considering how to put this in writing on future contract agreements.

2. Auditing. We are currently evaluating how to expand our existing auditing program to incorporate trafficking and slavery standards that could include conducting on-site audits.

3. Certification. We require all our contract manufacturers and suppliers to be in compliance with all governmental laws and regulations as well as with Zinpro policies and procedures.

4. Accountability. We hold our employees accountable for upholding our code of conduct and our standards related to human trafficking and slavery as stated in the Expectations of Employees section of our Employee Handbook.

5. Training. We are committed to training employees regarding our expectations for conduct, including issues related to human trafficking and slavery and ethical sourcing procedures and policies, through our online Compliance Quest training system.

Vendors and suppliers who fail to comply fully with Zinpro Corporation's standards, policies and procedures, including, without limitation, laws regarding human trafficking and slavery, may result in Zinpro order cancelation(s), termination of the supplier relationship, and/or legal actions.