Q&A with William Scrimgeour, President and CEO

Q. What is Zinpro Corporation all about? In other words, what is the company’s goal and why does it exist?

A. Our Mission at Zinpro Corporation is to improve the wellness and performance of animals and to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world.

Zinpro has been in business for 45 years, and our steady growth has come about first, as a result of being a pioneer in the research and development of Zinpro Performance Minerals®, which are our unique, patented and research-proven forms of organic trace minerals, and second, because of the quality of our people and products. Ultimately, the reason we’re growing and doing well today is because of the benefits we create for our customers and the dedication and commitment from our employees to provide value – for animals, our customers and the industry.

Q. How does Zinpro go about accomplishing the first part of its mission, “to improve the wellness and performance of animals”?

A. Accomplishing our mission begins with an emphasis on research, a commitment that was started by our founder, Dean Anderson, when he created the company. Dean had a very strong will to invest in research, because he knew that it would confirm an animal’s performance response from Zinpro Performance Minerals®, and it continues to do so today.

In 2015, Zinpro celebrated its 50th peer-reviewed research dairy publication, and we anticipate completing our 200th peer-reviewed research publication among all animal species in 2016. This incredible accumulation of research shows the benefits of feeding Zinpro Performance Minerals to the animal, for both improved performance and wellness. In addition, our research is conducted by accredited, independent universities, leading researchers or independent research institutions worldwide.

Q. What are some examples of improved performance and wellness related to feeding animals Zinpro Performance Minerals®?

A. Over the years, the company’s industry-leading, peer-reviewed research publications have demonstrated that Zinpro Performance Minerals can help to improve hoof health, feed conversion, animal growth, milk production, reproduction and immune function, just to name a few. We are improving animal wellness from the inside out. Our patented molecules help to stimulate a physiological outcome, such as immunity and skin integrity, that will drive a positive performance response in areas like milk, meat and egg production.

Q. How does Zinpro go about accomplishing the second part of its mission, “to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world”?

A. With our focus on research that improves animal health and performance, we are contributing to a healthier, more sustainable world. Simply put, a healthy animal is a more sustainable animal. Healthy animals require less handling, with less animal-health product use and environmental impact.

Second, since our Zinpro Performance Minerals® have been shown to help improve feed conversion, animal growth, milk production and reproduction, we are contributing to a reduction in the amount of feed needed to sustain even greater performance and production over an animal’s lifetime.

Our focus on research, which provides proven benefits to animals and their offspring, is a sustainable business model that increases animal longevity and reduces waste – both dietary and finished animal protein. Our sustainable business model allows us to create products that work, which in turn help our customers to be profitable and stay in business for the long-term.

Q. What is unique about Zinpro and its commitment to offer value?

A. First, Zinpro Performance Minerals® are built on a molecule that consists of one metal ion bound to one amino acid ion – called either metal amino acid complexes or metal-specific amino acid complexes. We hold numerous patents on these products, and the processes by which they are made, and they’ve been proven time and again to demonstrate a response in the target species that is superior to the performance obtained by feeding ordinary trace minerals.

Second, Zinpro has established five essential criteria, called the 5-Rs – return, response, repeatability, research and reassurance – to ensure our Performance Minerals meet or exceed company, customer and industry expectations. Zinpro designs its Performance Minerals to deliver a repeatable response under real conditions, to deliver a positive return on investment before we bring it to market, and to ensure repeatability in results, success and customer satisfaction. Through our extensive research, Zinpro Performance Minerals are manufactured to ensure every product is of the highest (and most consistent) quality and safety that provides reassurance for the people on the farm who use the product.

In addition, our company is using its expertise in animal science to establish programs such as Step-Up®, Feet First® and First Step® that help our customers and the industry as a whole to identify and manage lameness for multiple species. These programs and their corresponding digital applications provide practical tools to help at the farm level, which are very unique to the industry.

Q. How does the history of Zinpro affect its business today?

A. Our company started from a unique idea and an entrepreneurial spirit, which was driven by a passion to help animals live healthy, full and productive lives. Our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mike Anderson, has led our company’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit over the past 23 years to bring our nutritional and business solutions to the global industry. Building on this foundation, Zinpro continues to be a reliable source for solutions that improve the lives of animals. Our determination to improve animal wellbeing and the lives of the people who raise them is ingrained in our culture, and this spirit drives all of us at Zinpro to accomplish great things.

Q. What do you see as the main appeal of the Zinpro brand to the industry?

A. The appeal is everything we’ve talked about, which includes our peer-reviewed research, our research-proven products, and our focus on animal performance, wellness and sustainability. We are also a company whose employees are genuinely passionate about providing products, services and solutions that help to improve the lives of both animals and the people who raise and care for them. Our core values are people, customer satisfaction, integrity, innovation, quality and excellence. Those are all qualities that earn trust, respect and brand loyalty.

Zinpro offers sustainable products and tools that are helping to feed the world. As long as we continue to develop and deliver innovative products that are research-proven to perform, our brand will continue to resonate with customers and the industry.

Today, as we learn more about the importance of essential minerals, our future looks brighter than ever. Take zinc as an example; it has been known to be beneficial for growth and health for hundreds of years, but a recommended daily allowance for zinc in humans was not established until 1979. Since then, zinc has been shown to be involved in almost every aspect of growth, development and metabolism, impacting hundreds of enzymes and metabolic pathways.

As science progresses, we find new applications and benefits for other minerals, such as chromium and selenium. In the past, we were able to measure the nutritional impacts on a system, tissue or cellular component. Today, we can measure the impacts at the DNA level and observe changes from one generation to the next.

So, this really is a very exciting time to live for those of us working in animal nutrition. We’re just now tapping into the benefits that minerals could provide society well into the future.

For more information, please visit our website or talk to a nutritionist about Zinpro Performance Minerals®.