Zinpro Video Library

Watch these videos to learn more about Zinpro Corporation including our research-proven products and industry-leading programs.

Cattle Lameness Book

Hear from two of the lead authors about Cattle Lameness: Identification, Prevention and Control of Claw Lesions and the impact that lameness has on the dairy and beef industries.

A Dairy Research Milestone

Researchers from Zinpro Corporation discuss the company’s research philosophy and the importance of peer-reviewed publications.

Experts Talk Video Series

Learn more about this educational series featuring one-on-one discussions with leading authorities on foot health and lameness prevention.

First Step® Dairy Locomotion Scoring Videos

Learn how to assess dairy cattle lameness by using the locomotion scoring system.

Step-Up® Beef Locomotion Scoring Videos

Learn how to assess beef cattle lameness using the Step-Up locomotion scoring system.

Feet First® Swine Videos

Learn how to assess and prevent swine lameness by watching our Feet First® videos.

Common Questions Answered

Learn from industry experts as they address common questions related to digital dermatitis.

About Zinpro Videos

Learn about Zinpro Performance Minerals® and the role essential trace minerals play in improving animal productivity and well-being.

Quality Assurance Videos

Learn more about the people, the research and the processes behind Zinpro Performance Minerals®.