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A horses performance is a direct reflection of overall wellbeing. Our research-proven equine health & nutrition solutions are designed to keep them at their peak with premium minerals to improve their health, coat appearance, movement and quality of life.

Rise Above with Zinpro® Performance Minerals®

Customer loyalty comes naturally when results can be seen. Using Zinpro Performance Minerals in your equine formulas will provide the best nutritional benefits at every life stage — making them essential to ensuring your customers equine companions always look, feel, and perform their best. But it doesn’t stop there — Zinpro® is more than minerals.

Zinpro® Lifetime Performance® Results


Trace mineral supplementation is an important factor to optimize responses to vaccination programs. In young horses fed Zinpro® 4-Plex® E, the total antibody response was increased, establishing stronger protection.


The development of a sound skeleton begins during fetal development and remains a critical lifetime factor for performance. Research evaluating the prevention of spiral fractures in multiple species offer evidence of how bone quality is affected by dietary minerals.


Horses with thin soles, ulcers, abscesses, and other compromising issues can benefit from a diet formulated to contain more bioavailable minerals. It also sets a solid foundation in the hoof for all horses to meet movement performance demands. Additionally, all breeds and ages of horses are susceptible to gastric ulcers. However, gastric ulcers are most prevalent among performance horses. Thoroughbred horses fed Zinpro® Performance Minerals® maintained lower gastric ulcer scores following exposure to gastric ulcer challenge.


Higher immunoglobulin concentration in colostrum provides for enhanced passive transfer of immune factors from the mare to the foal. Mares fed Zinpro 4-Plex E produced higher quality colostrum and foals subsequently had improved immunoglobulin serum levels at 24 hours after birth.

Solutions that Impact Key Areas of Wellbeing

Zinpro Performance Minerals utilize a unique absorption pathway for advanced nutrient uptake. While our products improve your horse’s performance, they’re supported by our team of experts, leading-edge tools, and trusted resources in the following areas:

Bone, Joint and Hoof Health

Ensuring your horses can reach their fullest potential starts by giving them a rock-solid foundation. Zinpro Performance Minerals are proven to benefit overall hoof, bone and joint health — acting as an essential component to strengthen their resilience, stamina and ability to continually perform at peak.

Skin and Coat Integrity

A horse’s skin and coat are great indicators for gauging their nutritional status and wellbeing. Trace minerals play a pivotal role in supporting skin integrity, deepening coat color and improving overall coat condition for a rich, shiny appearance we expect in healthy horses.

Gut Performance

Everything a horse consumes, water, forages and feed, contribute towards fulfilling its nutritional needs. Zinpro Performance Minerals are proven to support a healthy digestive system.

Immunity and Overall Health

Hauling horses for events, competitions or recreational riding exposes horses to higher levels of stress and diverse pathogens. Zinpro Performance Minerals include zinc, manganese and copper to provide nutrients critical for supporting a strong immune system that assists in managing health issues.

The Role of Trace Minerals

Trace minerals are essential for all animals to lead a healthy and productive life. Zinpro Performance Minerals are designed to ensure your horses are getting the most nutrition out of their feed to achieve optimal performance and health.

Making the Right Choice

Our horses deserve the best possible nutrition. Zinpro Performance Minerals were developed based on peer-reviewed research by leading scientists to provide premium mineral supplementation that’s proven to maximize health and overall wellbeing for horses.

Zinpro Performance Minerals for Advanced Nutrition

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