Proven Lactation Performance

Zinpro Corporation is committed to delivering producers with superior lactating dairy cow trace mineral nutrition products. Zinpro Performance Minerals® are the most research-proven in the industry, shown to consistently deliver greater profitability and improved performance to dairy herds around the world.


Trace Mineral Benefits

Research has proven time and again that dairy cattle require trace mineral supplementation on a daily basis. Sound dairy trace mineral nutrition helps improve dairy productivity and profitability.

Research shows that supplementing lactating dairy cows with highly bioavailable trace minerals offers several benefits to dairy operations:

  • Reproduction
    • Fewer days open
    • Fewer days until first service
    • Fewer services per conception
    • Increased % of cows pregnant at 150 days in milk
  • Milk production
    • Consistently improve milk production
    • Boost total milk fat and protein yield
  • Mammary health
    • Boost resistance to disease
    • Improve milk quality by decreasing somatic cell count
  • Claw Integrity
    • Reduce lameness
    • Decrease incidence and severity of common claw lesions
  • Immunity
    • Protect against disease exposure
    • Elevate the protective immunity mechanism
    • Boost trace mineral reserves prior to onset of stressful conditions


Performance Minerals for Dairy

Zinpro Performance Minerals®, when fed as part of your overall dairy nutrition program, can help build the foundation for long-term herd health and performance. As the industry leader, our time-tested and proven performance minerals are the only true performance minerals on the market. As the most research-proven organic trace mineral products in the industry, Zinpro Performance Minerals deliver improved performance and greater profitability to dairy operations around the world.