Essential Nutrients for Companion Animals

Essential Nutrients for Companion AnimalsZinc, iron and manganese from Zinpro Performance Minerals® sources each play a unique role in canine diets. The three trace minerals from Zinpro Performance Minerals that are recommended  for canine diets include:


Looking Good. Feeling Good.

A recent study shows that animals receiving highly available forms of trace minerals– such as those found in Zinpro Performance Minerals® – respond with longer, more silky coats than those receiving ordinary trace minerals. Testimonials indicate positive results observed by companion animal owners and groomers.


Essential Trace Minerals

Highly available forms of the trace minerals zinc, manganese and iron have been proven to positively affect many vital functions in companion animals. Some of these trace mineral functions include:

Skin and Coat

Zinc and Manganese Epidermal (skin) cell maintenance through cell division, protein synthesis and antioxidant activity to remove superoxide radicals
Facilitates wound healing

Pad Condition

Zinc Cell division to support paw pad growth and repair
Paw pad protein synthesis: collagen, keratins, cell envelope proteins and intercellular cementing substance
Manganese Antioxidant activity to protect cell membranes

Joints and Skeleton

Zinc Cell division and protein synthesis for skeletal growth and repair
Manganese Chondroitin sulfate synthesis, which is important for formation, maintenance and repair of joint cartilage
Bone matrix development and maintenance

Immune Response

Zinc, manganese and iron Humoral immunity: antibody titers in response to vaccination
Cell-mediated immunity
Non-specific immunity
Antioxidant activity to remove free radicals and protect cell membranes


Zinc Reproductive tract tissue integrity
Conception rates
Sperm maturation and quality
Manganese Reproductive hormone synthesis
Male libido
Fetal skeletal development
Iron Avoid nutritional anemia due to inadequate iron