New Availa®Plus Provides Breakthrough In Hoof Management 

Availa®Plus, from Zinpro Corporation, provides U.S. dairy and beef producers with an entirely new approach to help control digital dermatitis from the inside out. Representing the newest innovation from Zinpro, Availa®Plus contains a combination of Availa®Zn zinc amino acid complex, Availa®Mn manganese amino acid complex, Availa®Cu copper amino acid complex, COPRO® cobalt glucoheptonate, plus potassium iodide.

When fed as part of a new DD Formula, Availa-Plus delivers a novel nutritional solution to provide dairy and beef cattle with protection against digital dermatitis by enhancing the animal’s ability to resist the development of painful lesions in contaminated environments.

Also known as "hairy heel warts", digital dermatitis produces painful lesions that can lead to lameness in dairy and beef cattle, and the impact of lameness on animal performance is costly and wide-reaching. Most notably, this includes decreased milk production and poor reproductive performance in dairy cattle, and decreased feed intake and lowered average daily gain in feedlot cattle. Among researchers and industry advocates, it is widely recognized as the most prevalent infectious claw lesion in the world.

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